Traditional Enamelling Online Course


A masterclass in vitreous enamelling


In 10 lessons, this in depth course will provide you with all the necessary skills to begin enamelling like a pro. We will cover everything from grinding and application to polishing and lapping vitreous (glass) enamel, this will create a strong foundation for my upcoming champlevé and cloisonné courses. Even if you are familiar with enamelling I recommend taking this course, the traditional style adopted has been passed down generations from old masters, I was directly taught by master enameller and engraver Phil Barnes and cloisonné specialist Fred Rich. In these lessons we are aiming for crystal clear, vibrant, well blended enamel. We will only be working with transparent enamel, this is more difficult than opaque enamel but when applied correctly you can get jewel-like, glittering results.

I suggest starting with some basic jewellery skills, so that you can create pieces to enamel. These courses only cover kiln firing as this will garner the best results, but if you want to try torch firing then the rest of what is taught will still apply, so feel free to experiment.


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