Engraving For Enamel And Champlevé


NOTE- This course does not cover any enamelling, this is all covered in my ‘Traditional Enamelling’ course.
In these lessons we will cover choosing and sizing gravers, sharpening them by hand and with jigs, holding work for engraving, transferring designs, engraving patterns, making a border for enamel to sit in, and creating multiple cells for champlevé.
This course is for intermediate students, I recommend taking my traditional enamelling course, even if you are familiar with enamelling, to combine the specific techniques and ways of working with each other and achieve the best results.
You don’t need any previous experience with engraving to start this course, learning engraving is difficult and it may take you some time to get the hang of it and move onto champlevé, but once you’ve bought the course, you have it for life so you can take as long as you need to master these skills.

Learn how to engrave for enamel and recess cells for champlevé.


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