Courses help

How do I buy a course?

To purchase any course (this includes the free course!) go to the shop page

Add the course to your basket, then click on ‘basket’ on the top right of the page

Check out. If you’re just getting the free course you will still need to enter your details, but you will not be charged

This will automatically send an email with your user name and temporary password. Check in your spam as it sometimes goes there. The email contains a link that leads you to the ‘my account’ page, then you can set a new password under ‘account details’

To access the lessons, under ‘courses’ there is a drop down menu with ‘student portal’ on the main menu. This is where you want to go when you log in every time.

The videos aren’t playing

Video’s may struggle to load on certain combinations of devices and browsers. If it’s not working you can try a different device or download a different browser such as chrome, firefox, safari etc.

I don’t offer downloadable courses as they are split up into smaller parts in order to load quickly, so it would be difficult to offer this.

What is in each course?

If you go to the shop page and click on each course you will get a detailed description of what it entails

What do I have to buy for each course?

For the traditional enamelling course, there is a video in the free section which gives you a look at how to set up a workshop for enamelling, there is also a kiln guide.

For the champleve and engraving course it’s a bit more complicated, in order to cater for all price ranges I give students a lot of different options over the course of these lessons, Once you buy the course, I do have a tools list in the description, but I don’t want students to buy anything until they have watched the videos so that they can decide what to buy based on goals and budget.

If you would like to request the tools list before buying the course, to give you an idea of how much it might cost, then you can contact me for one. I have made the course as flexible as possible for new students so that you can start off with just a few tools and get engraving, then buy more as you progress.

I have questions about the course

For questions regarding techniques and processes covered in the courses you can leave questions in the Q&A section of each course, alternatively you can DM me on facebook @nnenamel